Simple Ways to Make College Life Easier

  • Become involved in various clubs and organizations: This is a great way to become acquainted with your surroundings and building relationships with new people.
  • Prioritize your classes: Make sure you receive your credits for mandatory college courses and then move on with the courses that you find interesting and plan on majoring in.
  • Get an on-campus job: Colleges can be very expensive and if you intend on working while enrolled in college, ask around for jobs on campus. On-campus jobs tend to be very flexible therefore, there is less stress in balancing work and school.
  • In regards to dorming, learn how to cook: Often college students are so busy with schoolwork that their health is neglected. By learning to cook, college students can eat healthier meals and it’s affordable even with a budget.
  • Don’t procrastinate: College comes with great responsibilities and you’re paying for it so don’t waste your time and money. Quit the habit of postponing everything until the last minute because rushing through your assignment will allow for more mistakes and it’ll only increase stress.

Written by Tsering Dolkar

Photo Credits to Media College Online


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