How scary is Pennywise the Dancing Clown? To many, he’ll leave you trembling at the edge of your seat. Others feel “It”, the newly released adaptation of Stephen King’s 1986 novel, is quite possibly the funniest horror movie that Hollywood has released yet. According to Variety, the entertainment magazine, “It” is currently the highest grossing horror movie of all time crossing the $500 million mark on worldwide grosses. It surpassed the $441 million international box office success of “The Exorcist” which until “It”, held the title of highest grossing horror film. The movie gained a tremendous amount of popularity and Pennywise made it to social media as the star of an abundance of memes. However this isn’t surprising; a movie that can both give you nightmares and have you laughing as if you were watching an Adam Sandler movie, who wouldn’t want to watch that?
The film starts off with young Georgie chasing after his paper boat which is floating on a dirty stream on the side of the street during a rainstorm. The boat falls into a gutter on the street, which is when Pennywise is finally introduced as he hands Georgie back his boat. However, taken in by the clown’s smile and surprising friendliness, Georgie had no clue that death would soon be upon him. After his disappearance, Georgie’s brother Bill restlessly tries to reason out what happened to Georgie and soon, he and his friends embark on a search for answers. They all then begin to be haunted by freaky appearances and nightmares such as hypochondriac mothers and creepy paintings.
Aside from the movie’s funny and scary sides, the film also yields some heartwarming feelings amongst viewers. Throughout the entire movie, the kids all work cooperatively to f ight of the sinister face that has been in charge of terrorizing the often bullied so-called “Losers”. This leads to a whole bonding experience amongst the group and even sparks romantic feelings between Bill and Beverly, the only girl in the group. All the relationships in this movie are very endearing despite the fact that this is a horror movie and has the initial intention of scaring you.

Hollywood never fails to amaze us with movie adaptations of Stephen King’s chill-provoking novels. Each film is more frightening than the previous one. “It” however, is more comedic than scary if you ask me. Ian Bock, an Academy student, comments it was clearthat “It touched all cylinders…it was ironic the fact that such a scary movie could have some sortof sense of humor.” Props to Pennywise for his splendid combination of dread and amusement. But if you thought you saw the last of Pennywise, think again; because a sequel to the movie iscurrently in the works, so watch out kids! The killer clown will be back soon.

Written by Christine Huerta

ian it bicgichg.jpg

Photo Courtesy of Christine Huerta


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