Student Athlete Irene Constantinou

Irene Constantinou is a seventeen year old senior of the Academy of American Studies. She enjoys playing sports and is a member of Academy’s soccer team as the goalie. She has also been on the basketball team since her sophomore year. She likes being on the sports teams because she feels these sports teach her sportsmanship and leadership skills. Playing sports keeps her occupied, but also gives her a great opportunity to make new friends of all ages in the school. Tania, who is a senior at the Academy, said “She is not only a great teammate as well as a great friend and without her I would have never joined the soccer team.” She is known to be the MVP goalie she rarely lets a soccer ball defeat her. Another senior at the Academy, Lisette Romo, said   “Irene reminds me of a starfish, this is because when she catches the ball she crawls her body up to protect it like a starfish.”  Irene has gotten closer to a lot of other students as well. Even though she enjoys being a student athlete, there are some disadvantages and obstacles she has to overcome. Mixing schoolwork and practice can be very stressful, especially since practice ends late.

Junior year and senior year were very hard years for Irene filled with lots essay writing and lots of regular tests and AP tests during the seasons. “I tried to finish my homework and assignments from the day before so that I didn’t have to cram everything last minute” said Irene. This was a way for her to manage her time well.  A challenge she faced was being able to juggle all of that when practice would end at 6:30, and sometimes even later. “I really enjoy playing these sports, but it took a lot of getting used to being a student athlete’’ she says. Irene never gives up and is always willing to take one for the team. Notwithstanding the difficulties of being a student athlete, Irene has stayed on the teams and kept up her grades. Now that her seasons have ended and senior year comes to a close Irene looks back and misses all the hard work.

Written by Khiabet Leal

Photo Credits to Khiabet Leal


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