Climate Change

“It’s almost a different season every week” says Anthony Soto, a young man from a local neighborhood in Jackson Heights in response to the outrageous weather patterns. This Fall, temperatures throughout New York City have fluctuated drastically. The average New Yorker may have gotten used to the bipolar weather, but many people feel there is reason to be concerned. There is not enough awareness of the real problem at hand, climate change!

Over the years, climate change has been a significant problem that has been impacting communities around the world. The earth’s climate has been shifting for centuries, however, based on an article by AtmosNews, temperatures have increased rather dramatically over the past 30 years. This is mainly due to increasing levels of carbon monoxide on earth, and as a result, ice caps have been continuously melting. A statistic taken by NASA shows a 13.3 percent decrease in Arctic Ice and an increase of 404.42 parts by million in Carbon Dioxide.       

These rising numbers pose a threat to the human race, however some scientists have embarked on different expeditions to try to prove that Climate Change is a hoax. They said that in 2014 the Artic sea ice made a great comeback and heavy snow fall occurred in different regions on earth. Elmer Beauregard, a man who blogs on the subject in, believes that climate change is fake. He stated “If climate change was real, many kids wouldn’t know what snow is because of continued rising temperatures.” Nevertheless many of these expeditions weren’t confirmed and they don’t explain why polar bears as well as other species are declining within the arctic region, as reported by

“The globally averaged concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has reached the symbolic and significant milestone of 400 parts per million for the first time in 2015,” as revealed in a study by NASA, and these numbers surged again to new records in the past few years. This is partially the result of El Nino (a cycle of warming and cooling that affects the weather of the whole planet). All the extra heat caused by El Nino at the surface of the tropical pacific, releases vast amounts of heat energy into the atmosphere which could temporarily raise global temperatures, even affecting New York communities.  

According to, human activities such as the burning of fossil fuel has increased the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The most damaging greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide, is released into the atmosphere from the burning of fossil fuels from factories, negatively impacting the climate.

One example of this is in New York City’s streets as well as other major cities around the world which have garbage accumulating within them. As a result, 2.6 trillion pounds of garbage are dumped into landfills each year within different districts. In addition, a research study led by the University of Leicester, has shown planet Earth’s oceans and land will be buried by increasing layers of plastic waste by the mid-century due to human activity.

In New York specifically, a study in an article by confirmed that not enough effort is going towards these kinds of issues. People would dump their recyclable garbage in regular bins and vice versa, but who is to blame? “ There is not enough awareness within communities and with this ignorance, our negative impact on the process of climate change will continue to rise,” says Caitlin Doscher, a student at the Academy of American Studies. In September 2012, New York was named the #1 “America’s Dirtiest City,” by a Travel+Leisure readership survey that rated the environmental quality of 35 prominent cities in the United States. Without enough education about the issue people will often ignore the facts about climate change and will continue their actions. Lately, organizations such as the GreenThumb Youth Leadership Council (YLC) have been recruiting students to help their fight for Climate Change. Students are educated and volunteer at local gardens to plant and conserve the environment. “Without a clean world, how do people including students around the world expect to keep living in it, for their future” claims Anthony Soto.

Written by Mohamed Ghanem


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