Unraveling the Triumph of Fenty Beauty

On September 8th, 2017, Rihanna released her Fenty Beauty line; her first cosmetics collection, globally. Indeed, the release by the well-known artist shook up the beauty community and many rushed to their local stores to buy the products from the exclusive line. The collection has been highly praised by makeup gurus and youtubers and has been proclaimed to be something that has never been seen before. One of the most talked about and popular features of the line are the 40 shades of foundation that are offered, which many women and men have been raving about. The collection offers a variety of products that are meant to attract a wide range of customers. However, many people are speculating if the line is really as special as people are claiming it to be. In order to find out if the expense and the trip to your local Sephora is worth it, it is necessary to learn more about the products and identify whether they live up to the hype.

From the 40 foundation shades to countless creme sticks, there is no doubt that the release of Fenty Beauty became a hot topic. Many fans waited endlessly for the female artist to release her makeup line, when the day came, a huge number of people lined up at their closest beauty stores to get a glimpse of the products. Moreover, many people turned to Youtube to see their favorite beauty gurus review the products and see what others really thought about it. Jeffree Star, who has over 4.6 million subscribers on Youtube stated in his video that he “has been highly anticipating the release of the makeup line.” Furthermore, he eventually tested all the products and later proclaimed, “the foundation is flawless, it looks really nice,” and he even commented on the packaging, stating that it is “heavy and sturdy.” Hence, as more youtubers post reviews about Fenty Beauty, more customers cannot wait to get their hands on one of the products.

Not only did the makeup itself catch customers’ eyes, but so did Rihanna’s  beauty campaign for the line. A diverse group of women are seen in the campaign and many shades of color are represented in the collection. The promotional images, which feature models like Paloma Elsesser, Duckie Thot, Slick Woods, Halima Aden and Leomie Anderson, had more models of color than white models. Rihanna even told Refinery29; “I also wanted things that girls of all skin tones could fall in love with. In every product I was like, ‘There needs to be something for a dark-skinned girl; there needs to be something for a really pale girl; there needs to be something in-between.” Rihanna wanted the line to promote diversity, and she wanted consumers in need of makeup for all skin tones to be able to buy the products, especially dark skinned women, who are usually not represented in many brands. Thus, Rihanna worked hard in order to fix a problem that many women in the makeup industry were facing in order to attract a wider range of people towards her line.

With the success of Fenty Beauty also comes doubt about its success and whether the hype about the products is accurate. Seventeen-year old Alisa Hot from Academy of American Studies in Long Island City expresses that she “likes the makeup line and loves how Rihanna branched out from her clothing line and her music and decided to do makeup.” She also talks about her favorite products and what worked out for her, including the foundation which she commented was “good for dry skin.” Another favorite of hers was the foundation primer because it “kept her makeup on all day.” Hot also talked about her views on how the makeup line promotes diversity. She says that “The dark toned foundation shades are what’s being raved about and it’s really impressive and such a benefit to the beauty community.”

Rihanna’s Galaxy Collection was released in October, and indubitably became a hit with customers. The release included the Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette, lipsticks, and even eyeliners. Fans who were disappointed about the absence of lipsticks and eyeliners finally have the chance to purchase what they have been waiting for. Rihanna’s success has been praised by many because of its quality and inclusivity, but recently a makeup company showed dissaproval of Fenty Beauty. On Instagram, Makeup Forever posted a picture of their forty foundation shades that they have had since 2015 and stated that it was “nothing new to them.” But, Rihanna was quick to respond and commented under the post, “lol. Still ashy. Shook.” The famous female artist and growing business woman was going to defend her makeup line to the end.

Fenty Beauty has made a significant impact and is believed to have been a successful release. Around the globe, many beauty lovers bought the products and expressed their opinions about them on social media. The praise and easy accessibility of the products seems to have been a big hit with customers because it was announced that Fenty Beauty earned 72 million in one month. Rihanna made a line that she wants every single person in the world to enjoy. As Hot said about the products-”I love the line and cannot wait to buy more products!”

Written by Jessica Venturina


Photo Courtesy of Bravo.com


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