Transfer Students at Academy

At the Academy of American Studies, we receive a large number of transfer students from all over the world in all grades ranging from ninth to twelve. I, myself, am a transfer. I transferred sophomore year from a small all girls school in Astoria. I was able to transition easily due to the welcoming arms of Academy students. Nicoll Balanta, a student who transferred during her sophomore year, said “Transferring schools made me feel safer.” Kira Scott, a student who also transferred during her sophomore year, pointed out the diversity at the Academy because her first school was not ethnically diverse. Kira was also worried about making friends because she assumed that people had already established their cliques from freshman year and middle school. Now, Kira and Nicoll have found a home at Academy and are on their way to graduating along with their friends!

By Anita Kwok


Photo Courtesy of the Academy of American Studies


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